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Transforming the Future of Work: A Tiny Home Builder Solution to Rising Tensions Around Remote Work

The recent global shift towards remote work has not been without its challenges. According to Harvard Business Review, “Tension is Rising Around Remote Work”, reflecting an ever-growing need to balance productivity with employee well-being. However, amidst these tensions, solutions are emerging that reimagine our approach to working from home. One such solution is the rise of Backyard Offices by INshed, a leading tiny home builder.

The Tensions of Remote Work

While remote work offers flexibility and eliminates commuting, it also introduces challenges. Lack of dedicated workspaces, distractions at home, and work-life boundary issues are just some of the difficulties remote workers are grappling with. These issues often lead to decreased productivity and heightened stress levels, creating tension between employees and employers.

The Solution by a Tiny Home Builder: Backyard Offices by INshed

In this evolving work landscape, innovative solutions are needed. This is where a tiny home builder like INshed steps in, offering backyard offices that help delineate personal and professional spaces.

Backyard offices by INshed provide a dedicated workspace outside the main living area but within the comforts of your own property. They are standalone structures, customizable and designed to facilitate productivity. They offer a peaceful, distraction-free environment and create a clear boundary between work and home life.

Why Employers Should Embrace Tiny Home Builders

It’s easy for employers to grow frustrated with the perceived inefficiencies of remote work. However, rather than shunning the concept, they should embrace innovative solutions like backyard offices. Here’s why:

Improved Productivity

With a backyard office, employees can create an environment tailored to their productivity needs. This setup minimizes home distractions and boosts focus, leading to better work output.

Enhanced Employee Well-being

Having a separate workspace improves work-life balance. Employees can “leave work” at the end of the day, reducing burnout and enhancing overall well-being.

Lower Operational Costs

Employers can save significantly on operational costs such as office rent, utilities, and maintenance by supporting remote work and backyard offices.

Access to a Broader Talent Pool

By embracing remote work, employers can hire talented individuals from any location, thereby expanding their talent pool.

A Sustainable Solution for Remote Work

Backyard offices by INshed, being a product of a tiny home builder, also promote sustainability. They require fewer resources to build and maintain and can be designed to be energy efficient. This solution not only meets practical work needs but also aligns with a growing societal push towards more sustainable practices.

A Customizable Space From a Tiny Home Builder

The beauty of INshed’s backyard offices lies in their customization. Whether you want a modern, minimalistic office, a creative studio, or a traditional workspace, INshed can cater to your unique preferences.


The tensions around remote work are real, but so are the solutions. A tiny home builder like INshed is revolutionizing the future of work with their backyard offices, which provide a compelling answer to remote work challenges. By embracing this concept, employers can not only ease the tensions of remote work but also unlock numerous benefits for their business and employees. The future of work is here, and it may just be in our backyards.

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