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Backyard Office Role, Resurgence of Office REITS

The Office REITs Rollercoaster Ride

In the whirlwind of 2020, a new protagonist, COVID-19, dramatically shifted our work landscape. We saw leading NYC landlord, SL Green Realty Corp (NYSE: SLG), and industry giant, Boston Properties Inc. (NYSE: BXP), suffer brutal stock falls. However, the resilience of the REIT sector should not be underestimated. Fast forward to today, and we’re witnessing a significant resurgence in office REITs, the companies investing in office buildings (source: Benzinga).

A New Solution Emerges: Backyard Offices

Simultaneously, as office REITs recover, a fascinating phenomenon is taking place in our backyards. Shed builders like INshed have reinvented the concept of the traditional garden shed, turning them into full-fledged backyard workrooms. It’s the dawn of the office shed prefab era.

Adapting to Work From Home with Backyard Office Sheds

Employees, taking advantage of flexible work-from-home policies, are maximizing their productivity by installing backyard office pods. It’s an ideal solution: a personal workspace separate from the main household yet just a few steps from home. We’re talking about a revolution in how we think about the ‘office in a shed’.

The Unexpected Benefits of the Studio Shed

Backyard office sheds have ushered in a new wave of benefits. Companies have discovered cost savings due to downsized office spaces, while employees appreciate the work-life balance and decreased commuting expenses. They’re transforming these spaces into a studio for the backyard, creating a perfect environment for concentration and creativity.

The Studio for Backyard: A Rising Trend

Recent data from Kastle Systems shows that office occupancy rates, while steadily recovering, are still below pre-pandemic levels (source: Benzinga). Does this mean the traditional office is dying? Hardly. But it does highlight the increasing appeal of alternatives such as the backyard office pod.

A Backyard Office: The Best of Both Worlds

Employers, like Inc., Apple Inc., and J.P. Morgan, are now encouraging employees to return to the office. The reasoning: to improve communication, collaboration, and overall productivity. But what if there was a solution that offered the best of both worlds? That’s where companies like INshed come in with their backyard office shed solutions.

The Rise of the Backyard Workshed

As we move forward, the trend of the backyard office is expected to continue growing. It’s not just about having an office in a shed but rather transforming that space into a studio for the backyard. This solution bridges the gap between the convenience of working from home and the productive environment of an office.

INshed: Your Go-To Shed Builder

At INshed, we’re dedicated to building your perfect backyard workshed. Our backyard office pods are designed with your needs in mind, offering a comfortable, efficient workspace. With our solutions, you can enjoy the benefits of both worlds – the comfort of home and the productivity of an office.

The Future is Now: Discover the Beauty of Backyard Offices

The global pandemic set off a chain of events that have transformed how we perceive and value workspace. Businesses were compelled to allow their employees to work from home for safety reasons. But guess what? A significant number of people began to truly enjoy this newfound flexibility. Amidst these changing work dynamics, one trend that has caught the world’s attention is the move towards backyard offices.

Exploring the World of Backyard Offices

Think about it – you’re in the comfort of your own home, yet you have a dedicated workspace that’s free from common household distractions. This scenario is not just a dream anymore, thanks to companies like INshed, a reputed shed builder known for its quality office shed prefab units.

Many workers found that converting a studio shed into a backyard workroom provided an ideal blend of work-life balance. Imagine walking just a few steps to reach your workplace – no commuting, no crowded public transportation, and most importantly, no extravagant office leases. Such benefits have resulted in a massive surge in the popularity of the backyard office shed, a trend that’s here to stay.

Debunking the Decline of Office Buildings

Contrary to the notion that the pandemic spelled the end of office Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), we’ve observed a surprising resilience in this market sector. The shares of companies like SL Green Realty Corp and Boston Properties Inc., which fell drastically at the onset of the pandemic, have made a remarkable recovery. And this isn’t due to some financial sorcery; instead, it’s a reflection of evolving work habits.

This is where backyard office pods come into the picture. As employers discovered the cost benefits of remote work, and employees relished the convenience of working from home, the demand for dedicated workspaces at home skyrocketed. This scenario offered a unique opportunity for shed builders like INshed to step up and provide high-quality, cost-effective solutions.

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The Appeal of Backyard Office Sheds

People quickly realized that working from the dining table or the couch wasn’t sustainable in the long run. The need for a defined workspace led to the rise of the backyard office shed. These structures, also known as office in a shed, provide a secluded, peaceful workspace, leading to enhanced productivity and work satisfaction.

An article in the Harvard Business Review backs this up, citing improved productivity and reduced stress levels among people who work in dedicated home offices. From a studio for the backyard to a more elaborate workshed, there’s something to fit every requirement.

Resurgence of Office REITs: A Shift in Perspective

As people gradually return to the office, the office REIT sector has experienced a resurgence, but with a twist. People now prefer a mix of office and home work, leading to a greater demand for flexible workspaces – and yes, you guessed it right – backyard offices!

Despite initial concerns, many big companies like Amazon and Apple have realized that employees can be productive while working from home. But this shift also means that employees need a conducive work environment, and a backyard workroom is a solution that ticks all the right boxes.

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Your Dream Backyard Office with INshed

In conclusion, the shift in work culture is no longer just a reaction to the pandemic but a well-thought-out choice for many. As an industry leader in shed building, INshed offers a range of customizable solutions to create your dream backyard office shed. Embrace the future of work with INshed, where comfort, convenience, and productivity come together in a beautifully designed, functional workspace.

Whether you’re looking for a simple studio shed or a fully equipped backyard office pod, we’ve got you covered. At INshed, we believe that the ideal workspace is just a few steps away in your backyard. Connect with us today to explore the exciting possibilities that a backyard office can offer.

From ensuring a smooth transition to a home-based work setup to boosting productivity, INshed is your trusted partner in creating a workspace that’s not just functional but also adds to the aesthetic appeal of your property.

Investing in a backyard office is an investment in your productivity, your work-life balance, and your future. Experience the INshed difference today.

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