Remote Work Exposed: Sharp Contrasts in Mexico and the United States American Countries in a World Map

Remote Work Exposed: Sharp Contrasts in Mexico and the U.S.

Your Own Backyard: The Rising Trend of Custom Office Sheds

Today, the concept of a workplace has transformed beyond the traditional office setting. The advent of the pandemic has rapidly ushered us into the era of remote work or work from home (WFH), and for many, this change seems to be more than just a temporary shift. Amid this transition, an interesting trend has surfaced: the evolution of the work from home shed, otherwise known as the backyard office shed or the backyard work shed.

These innovative workspace solutions, emerging as custom-built backyard studio pods, have soared in popularity. They offer an optimal balance between personal and professional life, providing a dedicated and productive workspace within the comfort of home.

In this post, we will dive into how this trend has manifested in two different countries, Mexico and the United States, exploring the unique solutions and challenges they present.

Mexico’s Progressive Stance on WFH

Taking a progressive stance, Mexico’s Labor Department recently issued new rules around remote work. These regulations require employers to pay for their employees’ internet and ergonomic chairs when they work from home(1). This move reflects the government’s efforts to accommodate the shifting work paradigm while protecting workers’ rights.

Mexico’s approach embraces the new norm of remote work and recognizes the potential need for studio shed offices or backyard studio pods within their workforce. As per the new rules, if an employee’s home is deemed to be unsafe, poorly lit, or inadequately ventilated, they cannot be forced to work there(1). This has led to a potential rise in demand for backyard office sheds, a custom backyard solution providing a safe, well-lit, and well-ventilated workspace.

Moreover, Mexico’s approach attempts to maintain a work-life balance by enshrining the “right to disconnect,” thereby offering employees their due time away from work.

The American Struggle: Engaged but Stressed

While Mexico’s approach seems more accommodating of the remote work shift, the situation in the United States tells a different story. The U.S. is yet to establish comprehensive regulations around remote work. However, data shows that U.S. workers exhibit higher engagement levels, with 34% finding a sense of pride and fulfillment in their work(2).

But this level of engagement comes with a toll. Over half of U.S. workers (53%) report experiencing daily stress(2), a fact that highlights the ongoing struggle of American workers. This struggle is accentuated among remote and hybrid workers who report higher engagement levels but also suffer from heightened stress rates(2). These facts underline the urgent need for effective solutions like custom office sheds that can provide a dedicated, personalized workspace and help alleviate stress.

The Custom Shed Office: A Compelling Solution

In light of the contrast between the situations in Mexico and the U.S., a custom backyard solution appears to be the ideal way forward. The studio shed office or a backyard studio shed not only provides a space to work but serves as a symbol of the evolving landscape of employment.

In the U.S., a home office shed prefab or a backyard workroom can offer workers a controlled environment that improves productivity and reduces stress, especially in the context of high daily stress levels and the ongoing debates around return-to-office mandates.

Conversely, in Mexico, where new regulations place the responsibility on employers to provide a conducive work environment, a custom shed office can be a mutually beneficial solution. It aligns with the government’s new rules and offers employers a cost-effective way to meet their obligations while employees enjoy a dedicated workspace that meets their needs and ensures their well-being.

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These custom-built backyard office sheds or studio shed offices provide a versatile solution to the challenges posed by remote work. They can be tailored to individual preferences, offering a range of amenities such as ample natural light, comfortable furnishings, and efficient technology setups. This level of customization fosters a productive and inspiring work environment right in the comfort of one’s own backyard.

Furthermore, the benefits of backyard studio pods extend beyond the realm of work-life balance. They also provide an opportunity for individuals to establish a professional identity and create a clear separation between their personal and professional lives. By stepping into their custom shed office, they mentally transition into work mode, enhancing focus and productivity.

As the work landscape continues to evolve, it is evident that the future of work lies not only in remote work but also in the creative adaptation of our physical workspaces. The rise of backyard office sheds showcases the need for customized solutions that cater to the unique requirements of individuals and organizations alike.

The Future of Work is in Your Backyard

In conclusion, the rise of the work from home shed revolutionizes the way we approach remote work. From Mexico’s progressive regulations to the challenges faced by American workers, the demand for personalized, custom-built backyard office sheds or backyard studio pods is on the rise. These spaces provide a dedicated and inspiring environment that enhances productivity, reduces stress, and supports work-life balance.

To explore this topic further and gain inspiration for your own backyard office shed or custom shed office, consider checking out the following sources:


Embrace the changing dynamics of work and take the leap into creating your own custom workspace in the form of a backyard office shed. It’s time to revolutionize your work environment and unlock your full potential.

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