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Pool House Revolution: Ditch the Traditional and Embrace the Trend of Backyard Bar Sheds

Pool House Ideas Reimagined: Enter the Backyard Bar Shed

When you think of pool house ideas, a traditional image probably comes to mind: a small, convenient building to change into swimwear, store pool equipment, or offer a quick respite from the sun. But we at INshed are here to shake up your perception. Enter the new era of the backyard bar shed (1). The perfect combination of a pool shed and a full-featured bar, the bar shed is the revolutionary solution that adds a touch of luxury and uniqueness to your backyard.

Prefab pool houses have always been a practical choice. However, wouldn’t it be more exciting to incorporate a trendy shed bar, offering a vibrant, socializing space where you can host pool parties, summer barbecues, or a quiet evening drink under the stars?

Prefab Pool House vs. Backyard Bar Shed: A Contest of Conformity and Creativity

Prefab pool houses are a staple of pool ownership. They’re practical, useful, and straightforward. Still, aren’t we missing an opportunity for some backyard magic? The backyard bar shed is more than just a pool shed; it’s a revolution. It provides all the usefulness of a traditional pool house while offering a unique twist that’s guaranteed to impress your guests (2).

Don’t get us wrong, we appreciate the charm of the classic prefab pool house, but who says we can’t have more? Why settle for just a place to store your pool floats when you can also have a delightful little retreat, a backyard oasis with a full bar, comfy stools, and that trendy rustic decor that screams Instagrammable?

Pool House with Bathroom, Meet the Fully Equipped Bar Shed

One might argue that a pool house with a bathroom is indispensable. We agree, a nearby restroom is indeed a game-changer. But imagine this: a pool shed turned into a fully-equipped bar shed, complete with its own restroom. Not only do you keep the functionality, but you also add a whole new level of comfort, fun, and style.

DIY or Buy: The Flexible Choice of the Bar Shed

Now, before you worry about the technicalities, let us assure you: the bar shed concept is as flexible as it gets. You can choose to DIY, transforming your existing pool shed into a happening bar spot. Alternatively, you can opt for one of INshed’s bespoke backyard bar sheds, designed to meet your specific needs and aesthetic preferences.

Backyard Bar Shed: A Canvas for Your Creativity

A backyard bar shed can be as simple or as lavish as you want. Add a dart board for a pub feel, a high-definition TV for sports enthusiasts, or a chic wine rack for connoisseurs. You can even consider installing a mini-fridge, kegerator, or a small cocktail station for those tropical summer days. The possibilities are limitless.

Combining Functionality and Style: INshed’s Signature Backyard Bar Sheds

At INshed, we’re all about pushing boundaries, and our signature backyard bar sheds are the epitome of that ethos. They come pre-assembled, ready to place in your backyard. We pride ourselves on offering a range of designs and custom options. Our team of experts is also available to advise you on choosing the perfect design that fits your backyard aesthetic.

Think Green, Think Sustainable: Eco-Friendly Backyard Bar Sheds

In today’s age, sustainability is not a trend but a necessity. We understand this, and that’s why our backyard bar sheds prioritize eco-friendliness. We use reclaimed or sustainable materials wherever possible, ensuring your trendy bar shed doesn’t cost the earth. Besides, nothing screams trendy and unique quite like a backyard bar shed that’s also environmentally conscious.

Added Property Value: A Little-Known Benefit of Bar Sheds

While we’re discussing the benefits of backyard bar sheds, it would be a disservice not to mention the potential boost to your property value. Homes with unique, stylish features like a bar shed can fetch a higher price on the market (3). After all, who wouldn’t want a ready-made social hub in their new backyard?

Ready to bring your backyard bar shed dreams to life? Don’t just imagine – start creating!

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Personalizing Your Backyard Bar Shed: Sky’s the Limit

At INshed, we believe that your backyard bar shed should reflect your personality. That’s why we offer an array of customizations. Choose from different styles, sizes, colors, and finishes. Do you fancy a rustic look? Or perhaps something sleek and modern? Maybe you want to replicate that little bar you visited on vacation? No matter your vision, we’re here to make it a reality.

Embrace the Trend: The Future of Pool Houses is Here

The backyard bar shed is not a passing fad. It’s a sustainable, fun, and versatile concept that will continue to evolve. The blending of a pool shed and bar is a unique solution that provides convenience, fun, and a touch of luxury. So, why hold on to outdated notions of what a pool house should be when you can create something that is distinctly you?

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The Backyard Bar Shed – A Trend to Stay

To sum it up, while the classic prefab pool house is functional, the backyard bar shed is a fun, unique, and social alternative that’s rapidly gaining popularity. It maintains the practical elements of a pool house, like a bathroom, while offering a social space to relax, entertain, and enjoy.

It’s not just about ditching tradition; it’s about embracing a trend that offers the best of both worlds. The backyard bar shed is no longer just a concept; it’s a reality you can adopt today with INshed.


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