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Coworking Evolution: Customized Coworking Surges

Coworking Evolution: Customized Coworking Surges

The traditional workspace is evolving and no longer remains confined to four-walled offices. As the notion of hybrid work takes center stage, the rise of coworking spaces emerges as the new norm, rather than an exception. We at INshed, the pioneers in creating personalized and modernized sheds, align our work with this significant shift, enabling both individuals and businesses to adapt to the changing dynamics.

Coworking Evolution, Enhancing Collaboration

The trend of coworking is on an upward trajectory, as the domain that was once limited to startups now witnesses an influx of well-established real estate firms and ambitious newcomers 1. Annie Draper, director of operations and corporate relations at Hines, notes that elements of coworking have been in existence since the 1980s 2. Initially, it was an alternative to conventional leases for companies with smaller space requirements or those who lacked capital for long-term commitments.

However, over time, the scene started shifting. Third-party operators began to emphasize design, employee experience, and service elements while traditional landlords started offering more amenity spaces to attract and keep tenants. This flexible, customizable, and collaborative nature of coworking spaces has driven their popularity in the modern hybrid work environment.

The Allure of Agility: A Pathway to Coworking

The push for coworking spaces is fueled by the promise of agility. Companies now look for more and diverse types of office products beyond conventional leasing structures. “We’re seeing lots of companies, from small businesses to enterprises, add flexible workspaces to their portfolio because it enables them to approach their real estate decisions with agility,” says Melinda Holland, president & COO of the Americas at WeWork 3.

Flexible office spaces have never seen such a strong moment, with companies moving away from committing to long-term lease agreements and instead looking for ready-to-use spaces on shorter terms. This shift is further driven by the post-COVID-19 shift to remote work.

Coworking Evolution: The Economic and Environmental Impact

This shift towards coworking also brings significant economic and environmental implications. Over-leasing office spaces that remain underutilized not only adds a financial burden on companies but also poses an environmental concern.

Sarah Travers, CEO of Boston-based Workbar, remarks, “Under-utilization is bad for everybody” 4. Travers advocates for efficient use of space, not just to manage human capital but also to mitigate environmental impacts.

Modern Take on Amenities and Employee Experience

Coworking spaces aren’t just about the physical space; they play a vital role in enhancing employee productivity, engagement, and overall work experience. Different ‘neighborhoods’ such as cafe-like settings, library-like study areas, and team collaboration spaces cater to different work styles and preferences. These spaces should not just focus on amenities like game tables or free drinks, but rather, provide an environment where workers can be productive, social, and inspired.

A New Work Era

The rise of coworking spaces is also a testament to the changes in how businesses perceive work and workspaces. Moving forward, expect to see coworking spaces continue to adapt to the needs and demands of modern businesses, incorporating ever-changing technologies, sustainability considerations, and innovative design elements to further support and facilitate hybrid work.

An intriguing development in this arena is the rise of ‘customized coworking,’ led by companies such as INshed. Overall customized coworking involves creating highly personalized workspaces that align with the specific needs, values, and brand identity of the organization or individuals using them. It’s an innovative response to the increasing demand for flexibility, autonomy, and personalization in today’s work environment.

Creating Custom Spaces with INshed – the Coworking Evolution

INshed is at the forefront of this customized coworking evolution revolution. They offer bespoke workspaces designed around the unique needs of their clients. This approach has been applauded for its attention to detail, focus on creating conducive work environments, and alignment with organizational culture.

The customization provided by INshed goes beyond simple aesthetics. They also offer functionality and design aspects that improve productivity, enhance creativity, and promote a strong sense of community. This is achieved through selection and arrangement of furniture, effective use of space, strategic colors, and incorporation of branding elements.

By offering this level of customization, INshed allows companies to express their brand identity and culture, even within a shared coworking space. This can help enhance a sense of belonging and connection among employees, even as they adapt to hybrid or remote work arrangements.

Final Thoughts

The coworking evolution transformation into collaborative, customizable, and flexible environments mirrors the changing dynamics of the professional world. It’s a fascinating time for businesses and individuals alike, as they navigate the new terrain of hybrid work and coworking. As pioneers in this realm, we at INshed are excited to be part of this journey, enabling new ways of working, collaborating, and creating. We believe that the future of workspaces is not just about being in a shared office, but rather, about crafting environments that foster productivity, creativity, and a sense of community.


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