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Backyard Yoga Studios and Prefab Gym Sheds

Craving your private retreat or personal fitness hub? Look no further than your own backyard. INshed brings you the perfect solution – personalized and customized sheds that transform your outdoor space into a serene backyard yoga studio or a top-notch prefab gym shed.

Create a Zen Oasis: Your Backyard Yoga Studio

Picture your ideal morning – you, basking in the gentle glow of sunrise, stepping into your private yoga haven. Every detail, from the soothing wall colors to the comforting floor textures, exudes tranquility. This is the vision we bring to life with our INshed yoga studios.

Our dedication to personalization goes beyond the ordinary. As Architectural Digest (1) points out, “Creating a personal sanctuary goes beyond construction. It involves a thoughtful blend of aesthetics and mindfulness.” We subscribe to this philosophy, crafting each yoga studio shed to reflect your taste and lifestyle.

Empower Your Fitness Goals with a Prefab Gym Shed

Imagine having a modern, high-tech gym, steps away from your back door. No more commuting, crowded spaces, or shared equipment. With an INshed prefab gym shed, you’re in control of your fitness journey.

According to a study on HealthLine (2), “having a dedicated workout space can significantly increase your exercise consistency.” Keeping this in mind, our gym sheds prioritize functionality, considering all elements from ventilation to soundproofing. We ensure you have a spacious, hygienic, and motivating environment that doesn’t disrupt your neighbors’ peace.

Experience the INshed Difference: Excellence in Customization

At INshed, we elevate the shed-building process to a personalized experience. We understand that a backyard yoga studio or prefab gym shed isn’t merely an addition to your home, but a reflection of your lifestyle and aspirations.

Whether you prefer sleek modernism or timeless classic design, we cater to your preferences. Our straightforward process, efficient delivery, and streamlined assembly make us a reliable partner in your backyard transformation journey.


It’s time to unlock the potential of your backyard with INshed. Be it a soothing yoga retreat or an energetic fitness hub, we ensure it’s a space that resonates with you. Choose INshed and experience the joy of customization and the luxury of personal space. Start your transformation journey today!

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2. “The Impact of a Dedicated Workout Space on Fitness Consistency”, HealthLine. Link to the study

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