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Backyard Studio Sheds: Unraveling the Controversy

The past few years have witnessed an incredible shift in the world of work – notably, the unprecedented transition from traditional office spaces to home offices due to the global pandemic. This transformation has left many grappling with the limitations of their homes, thereby kindling a fascinating debate: Can you consider backyard studio sheds as a legitimate home office?

The Rise of Custom Studio Sheds: A Solution or a Problem?

In the midst of space constraints, many are opting to explore the realm of backyard studio sheds. These custom studio sheds are sprouting up across landscapes, providing a dedicated workspace without infringing upon the sanctity of the home. But the question remains: can these backyard studio sheds translate into significant tax deductions?

While many hope to strike a balance between convenience and monetary savings, the IRS, it appears, has its own perspective. If you are an employee (receiving a Form W-2), the IRS stipulates that you cannot deduct any expenses associated with a home office1. However, contractors or self-employed individuals may be in luck, with the ability to deduct qualifying home office expenses – provided a meticulous record of expenses, mileage, and other business costs is maintained2.

Backyard Workroom: Does Exclusivity Guarantee Advantage?

Deduction hopefuls, beware! The IRS demands that your backyard studio shed be used exclusively and regularly for business3. This means that your ‘studio for backyard’ cannot double up as a guest room or a weekend hobby zone. If your backyard workroom checks these boxes, Form 8829 will be your pathway to deduct home office expenses.4

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Storage or Office: The Dichotomy of Backyard Studio Sheds

Here’s where the debate intensifies. The IRS recognizes an exception for those storing inventory or product samples in their sheds5. However, you must meet stringent criteria: the items should be for your trade or business, your home should be the only fixed business location, the storage space should be regularly used, and it must be a separate, identifiable space suitable for storage6. Is the backyard studio shed primarily a storage unit or an office? The answer could tilt the scales in your favor, or perhaps against.

Unsettling the Permanent vs. Temporary Debate

Backyard studio sheds, just like the opinions about them, come in all shapes and sizes. If you have a non-permanent shed, you might be allowed a section 179 deduction, permitting the full cost of the shed to be deducted in the tax year of purchase7. However, if your shed is a permanent structure, it is deemed a capital asset, triggering the depreciation tax break8.

No Backyard Studio Shed? No Problem!

For those without a backyard studio shed, despair not. The IRS offers a simplified method to deduct costs associated with home office space9. A simple calculation of $5 multiplied by the number of square feet (up to 300) of your home used exclusively for business could still land you some savings10.

The debate surrounding the use of backyard studio sheds as legitimate home offices is one that sparks both intrigue and controversy. As the lines between work and home continue to blur, we should be asking more questions, challenging norms, and pushing boundaries.

After all, isn’t this exactly what innovation looks like? Join the debate, share your thoughts, and let’s redefine the future of work together.

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